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Pre-registration for EJC2014 is now officially closed. There will be tickets available on the door at the event.

At the event you will also be able to purchase the Exclusive Official EJC2014 T-shirt and Hoodie available only to convention attendees!!

  On the door festival tickets*
Adult (16+) full week €145
Adult (16+) day €30
Youth (10-15) full week €80
Youth (10-15) day €18
Family (2+2) day ticket €60
Children(Under 10) Free
  On the door show tickets
Adult (16+) €15
Youth €8
Family(2+2) €40

About the shows

We have  announced superb line-up for our Gala Show - the headline event for any EJC. It is a widely anticipated world class showing of artistic talents which marks the final day of this EJC.  Find out more


We have a very special treat in store with our Legend Stage including Viktor KeeMichael Moschen and Jochen Schell. The Legends Stage is set to be an absolutely momentous and rare opportunity to see performers who have made huge impacts on the juggling world. Find out more

What does the full festival ticket include?

The full festival ticket entitles you to access to the full site including the main hall training area, the smaller halls, the big tops, the showering and toilet facilities, and camping facilities if you wish to camp. The full festival ticket also includes the Gala Show, The Legend Stage, Special shows and the workshops running all week.

*Tickets sold on the door may be restricted in terms of access to shows and masterclasses depending on overall demand. Though we try our best to facilitate everyone equally, our shows have a limited capacity and we are obliged to comply with regulations for the safety and enjoyment of all our attendees.

Your ticket includes;

  • Full site access
  • The Gala Show
  • Special shows, The Legend Stage, Open Stage and the Irish Gala
  • Access to the training areas and skill sharing
  • Workshops & Masterclasses**
  • Volleyclub, Fight night, Battlestick, 3-Ball football and more fun events
  • Access to the big top shows
  • Camping, showering & toilet facilities

**We may have to implement a "first come, first served" rule or implement a signup facility for very popular masterclasses but currently they are all open. Keep in touch via our blog and social media to see any announcements about signing up.

Ready to apply?

Once you have completed the application form, you can apply by uploading it here