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Performers Without Borders visit the EJC

Performers Without BordersPerformers Without Borders (PWB) teaches performing arts to vulnerable children in countries of high child poverty. We interviewed Emily Ball who has worked with Performers without borders since 2007 and is an avid EJC fan. Emily and her colleagues will be recruiting performers for their organisation and will be answering your questions at EJC 2014 in Millstreet.

1. What is Performers Without Borders (PWB) and where did this all start?

The idea for Performers Without Borders (PWB) was first developed by two hobby jugglers and students of social development, Jonny Forbes and Matt Morris. During the Spring of 2006 whilst Jonny Forbes was studying in India and Matt Morris was finishing a voluntary project they meet up in the city of Varanasi. Sweltering in the summer heat they formed the idea to fuse their shared interests in performance skills and community development.

The first PWB tour took place in 2007-2008, a 6 month long trip to India with 4 month long projects at various locations across the country with an intrepid team of 8 performers and teachers including Matt and Jonny.  Since then, PWB have returned to India 5 more times, each time with a different team of performers, teachers, jugglers and artists determined to help make a difference. The last 4 tours being annual, something which we aim to continue in 2015.  In 2013 PWB started another project, this time in Nicaragua, Central America.  This tour was created by Rob Thorburn, who's family have been working with charities in Nicaragua for 8 years.  In 2014 PWB added another tour to this, our first ever in Sierra Leone, Africa - set up by Peachi Pete who is currently living there.

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Interview with Samuel Roy, Cirque du Soleil talent scout

Samuel Roy of Cirque du Soleil will be attending the EJC to talk to our attendees about careers are circus professionals, his process with Cirque du Soleil and his own experiences. We interviewed Samuel so you can get to know a little about him before he arrives.

  1. What you do for Cirque du Soleil and how did you get started?

Samuel Roy Cirque du Soleil Casting AgentI am a juggler and a talent scout at Cirque du Soleil. I started to juggle at the age of 7 because my older sister was doing circus at Verdun Circus School in Montreal. After learning to juggle on my own, I also joined this circus school. I trained in many disciplines but juggling was and stayed my favourite one. After 10 years at Verdun Circus School, I got accepted at the National circus school of Montreal where I continued my training in circus arts with a speciality in juggling. My juggling partner, Nicolas Boivin-Gravel and I, graduated in 2005. For many years our duo, Throw2catch, performed all over the world with many different companies. Later on, this duo became our own circus company. In 2010, I started to teach juggling at the National circus school of Montreal. This was a really good experience and a great opportunity to work with amazing people. I joined Cirque du Soleil casting team 2 months ago as an acrobatic talent scout.

The Casting team is seeking new talent all over the world for Cirque du Soleil current shows and upcoming creations. To do so, we are holding auditions in many different countries all year round.  We are also traveling to attend shows, festivals, conventions and multidisciplinary events so we can witness the non-stop evolution of a variety of disciplines. To access our audition calendar and get all the details about upcoming events or job openings, people can visit

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Official site map

European Juggling Convention 2014 SitemapHere is the official site map for EJC 2014 wqher you will find all of the convention areas marked including:

Click on the map for a larger version.

This site map and a map of the local area is available in your convention booklet which you get when you arrive on site. In Millstreet town, within walking distance there are backs and automated cash machines, pharmacies, supermarkets, doctors offices, hardware (camping gas) suppliers, fuel stations, a post office, bars and restaurants and everything you need.


Top 5 things to see and do in County Cork

B&B Ireland has over forty years experience and dedication in the promotion of bed and breakfast accommodation in Ireland. Guests enjoy comfortable surroundings, wonderful food and the opportunity to meet the real locals - your hosts. This is a guest blog post from Claire at B&B Ireland.

Visit Cobh, Co. CorkWith summer just beginning and the weather brightening up, there is no better place to plan a holiday to than Ireland. The Emerald Isle boasts so many fascinating things to do and see for all the family to enjoy. County Cork is renowned for its natural beauty, friendly atmosphere and great events. Cork is the ideal location for families who want to enjoy a relaxing and fun-filled vacation, but without breaking the bank! There is such a wealth of historical attractions, festivals and events, and stunning landscapes, all of which cost very little or nothing to appreciate!

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Overview schedule

Here is our current schedule to help you plan your convention.  This schedule highlights the larger events, there are workshops and skill sharing sessions happening constantly throughout the week.

Superb events for families and visitors

Schedule of events

Saturday, 19th July
Opening day: Registration & ticket sales open. Open stage event at 8 o'clock.
Sunday, 20th July
First Official Renegade, Lots of Masterclasses begin!
Monday, 21st July
Masterclass: Viktor Kee (3 day) begins, Workshops, Open Stage, Renegade and Fire area
Tuesday, 22nd July
Family Day & Free Street Shows and Irish Day with Céilí: Irish Culture, Irish Gala show, Ceilí Mór
Wednesday, 23th July
Open Stage, Masterclass: Michael Moschen, Battlestick, Volleyclub, EJA General Assembly
Thursday, 24th July
Open Stage, Diabolo Battle, Fight Night, 3-Ball football
Friday, 25th July
Legend Stage: Michael Moschen, Viktor Kee, Jochen Schell and more, Last Official Renegade
Saturday, 26th July
Closing day: Monster Parade through Millstreet, The Juggling Games, Gala Show
Sunday, 27th July
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Check out the full schedule on our detailed event calendar

You can also use this iCal link to add our public calendar to your mobile device. If any changes are made we will change this calendar too, so you're always up to date! Google how to add it to your specific device if you don't know how already - here is the link:

Transport survey

You may have heard our plans to run an EJC bus, direct from Ireland's main airports to the convention site. Before we make these tickets available, we would like to get some information from you on when to run these busses. As such, we would be delighted if you could take 5 minutes to complete our survey.

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Ticket prices and phases

EJC tickets for sale soon!Our tickets are available in four phases, increasing in price until right before the convention itself. It is important to note that there are no further reductions in ticket prices for volunteering, giving workshops or helping out in other ways. The tickets are very good value and we are all expected to help out in making our conventions run smoothly. It's what makes us a community and what makes our conventions special.

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What St. Patrick's Day means

St. Patricks Day is the day when the world celebrates all things Irish. Less than 5 million people live on our island, but more than 70 million people call it home. For me, St. Patricks Day is about remembering those people who have left Ireland and still call it home, and those people who have come to Ireland and now call it home.

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Signup to win

Sign-up for our mailing list to win this prize!Our friends over at Flying Clipper have offered us two prizes of five juggling balls plus a handy carrying bag. To be in with a chance to win, sign-up for our mailing list. If you've already signed up, then you're already in the draw! Competition closes at the end of March.

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