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Samuel Roy of Cirque du Soleil will be attending the EJC to talk to our attendees about careers are circus professionals, his process with Cirque du Soleil and his own experiences. We interviewed Samuel so you can get to know a little about him before he arrives.

  1. What you do for Cirque du Soleil and how did you get started?

Samuel Roy Cirque du Soleil Casting AgentI am a juggler and a talent scout at Cirque du Soleil. I started to juggle at the age of 7 because my older sister was doing circus at Verdun Circus School in Montreal. After learning to juggle on my own, I also joined this circus school. I trained in many disciplines but juggling was and stayed my favourite one. After 10 years at Verdun Circus School, I got accepted at the National circus school of Montreal where I continued my training in circus arts with a speciality in juggling. My juggling partner, Nicolas Boivin-Gravel and I, graduated in 2005. For many years our duo, Throw2catch, performed all over the world with many different companies. Later on, this duo became our own circus company. In 2010, I started to teach juggling at the National circus school of Montreal. This was a really good experience and a great opportunity to work with amazing people. I joined Cirque du Soleil casting team 2 months ago as an acrobatic talent scout.

The Casting team is seeking new talent all over the world for Cirque du Soleil current shows and upcoming creations. To do so, we are holding auditions in many different countries all year round.  We are also traveling to attend shows, festivals, conventions and multidisciplinary events so we can witness the non-stop evolution of a variety of disciplines. To access our audition calendar and get all the details about upcoming events or job openings, people can visit


  1. Where else do Cirque du Soleil scout for talent and what acts you have helped along their way?

We are scouting everywhere around the world. We are based in Canada but we also have an office in the USA and in Europe. We also have partners in different countries that help us for specific tasks. Since I joined the casting team two months ago, I mostly have traveled in Canada. This visit to the EJC will be my first overseas trip as a talent scout. Discovering athletes, artists and circus performers really requires teamwork. In our group, we all help each other to bring talent to the shows. There are many famous jugglers who have worked at Cirque du Soleil in the past like Viktor Kee (Dralion, Amaluna) and Anthony Gatto (La Nouba, KOOZA).

  1. What does an EJC mean to you?

The EJC for me is part of the greatest juggling convention in the world. I think it’s a moment where people can exchange their common passion: juggling! In our daily life, we don’t have many opportunities to share with other people. Most of the time, the only relation we have with other jugglers, is by Youtube. So it is nice to finally have the chance to share with other people, look at other jugglers, meet artists and let ourselves be inspired. Learning new techniques and also having the opportunity to teach others is very challenging and rewarding. It is almost like a vacation for me since I have so much fun there! I feel that it is really relaxing to be able to focus on juggling for a period of time.

  1. What you like most about working for Cirque du Soleil?

The thing I like the most is to meet new people and discover new inspiring and innovative things. I also share important values with Cirque that are oriented towards the human being and its wellbeing. For me it is really important! The team I’m working with is also incredible! We have a lot of fun and the general energy in the office is great. And finally the nature of the work is very dynamic. Everyday I’m doing something new and I’m challenge with new projects!

  1. When you will be at EJC and where you will be available to meet people?

I will arrive on July 24th in the afternoon and leave in the morning of July 27th. I will try to spend all my time at the convention and I will always be available to meet people and of course answer questions they may have about onstage career opportunities at Cirque du Soleil. I’m very happy to have the chance to come to the convention and I will for sure bring my props to practice and share with everyone!