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The team behind the next European Juggling Convention in Millstreet. County Cork, Ireland hosted a promotional event at this years Convention in the south of France. The Irish jugglers at EJC2013 organised a large-scale traditional Irish music and dancing night, known as a Céilí. We danced the Siege of Ennis. We danced the Walls of Limerick. We drank Irish whiskey and Guinness. We had immense craic.

The musicians on the night, TradRocks had been warned that the people at an EJC are the best crowd they'll ever play for and yet they were still surprised by how many and how willingly everyone engaged in the dancing and the craic. The 'caller' for the night, Alan Mac Stiofain was amazed that while his musicians took a short break the crowd continued dancing. "We've played music at Céiliís all over the world, and I've never seen anything like this" said Alan. The event drew a huge and enthusiastic crowd on one of the last nights of the convention. EJC2014 is very proud to have been able to create such a wonderful night.


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