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Galway Community Circus have been bringing circus skills workshops, fabulous shows and great community spirit to cities and towns all over Ireland since 2002. They ran the youth circus area of EJC 2006 and have been at many of the EJCs since 2002. They run large scale shows each year, providing a valuable platform for young Irish jugglers and circus artists. They are support by Irish Government funding but also need supporting finance from the community. This is an invited guest post from Stephen Cadwell of the Galway Community Circus.

Galway Community Circus is a non-profit voluntary organization located in St. Josephs Community Centre in Shantalla, Galway. We aim to inspire and empower young people through circus arts. Since 2002,we have been at the forefront of teaching circus arts to young people, helping them to discover and develop their talents, and in some cases, laying the foundation for a lifelong vocation. We offer classes in juggling, acrobatics, aerial acrobatics, tightrope walking, clowning and uni-cycling.

Over the years we have developed very close working relationships with the Irish juggling conventions, whether in Tralee, Galway, Dublin or Belfast. With the European Juggling Convention coming to Ireland this we are very excited to continue and develop this relationship. The members of out youth circus are excited to attend and hopefully perform for an audience of international peers. These young circus artists work tirelessly after school or work to train and hone their skills as performers.

Each year we showcase our younger artists in full scale circus theatre show. This year we are returning to our home away from home in the Black Box Theatre, with two full-size shows, Circopolis and Circopolín Children.

These shows are created and performed by 150 young Galwegians with the help of Fidget Feet Aerial Dance Theatre. We are currently running a Fundit campaign towards the costs of the project. The project is supported by the Arts Council Young Ensemble Scheme but we are looking to raise additional €2,500 to help cover essential production costs such as equipment, materials, costumes and training space. We're offering you the opportunity to get involved, support the show and secure some excellent rewards!

Our Fundit page:

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Please take a moment to check out our rewards or simply spread the word about our shows and campaign.