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St. Patricks Day is the day when the world celebrates all things Irish. Less than 5 million people live on our island, but more than 70 million people call it home. For me, St. Patricks Day is about remembering those people who have left Ireland and still call it home, and those people who have come to Ireland and now call it home.

Anybody that has visited our island will tell you that Ireland is a special place. Our people are warm and friendly. Our land is lush and green. Our culture is rich and deep. St. Patricks Day is a celebration much deeper than the leprechaun motifs and the wearing of green. It's a celebration of the warmth and kindness of the Irish people and a recognition of Irish people wherever they may be today.

This summer we will welcome you all to Ireland with the warmth and kindness that is our nature. Happy St. Patrick's Day from Team #EJC2014.