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The most comfortable convention you'll ever experience!Flexotels are secure, transportable accommodation for festivals where there is extra need for comfortable temporary overnight stays. With this innovative product Flexotels offers a temporary stay for the EJC participants, personnel and visitors. This gives you the opportunity to stay in superb advanced comfort at the event site.

The comfortable  and efficient furnishing of the Flexotels brings another dimension to the experience value of the jugglers during the EJC event. In a Flexotel room 2 people can stay overnight. Electricity and lighting are available and each room is delivered with linen and towels. Furthermore, each room can be locked, which is very often reported as an added value.

Each room is equipped with 2 single beds, electricity and bedding, sheets and towels. The rooms are naturally ventilated and comes with a unique door key to ensure security.

The Flexotel rooms are available to book for one week in duration:

European Juggling Convention Special Price – €480 (€30 pps per night)

A security deposit of €100 will be taken from your credit card at the time of booking and refunded to you after your stay.

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  • Flexotels are TNO certified
  • The room is furnished with two single beds (boxsprings), two chairs, a table, storage for clothes.
  • Sheeets and towels are included
  • Electricity and light are available in the room
  • Each room is naturally ventilated
  • The walls are isolated, sound protected and fire-retardant
  • The Flexotel room is 3 meters by 2,40 meters

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