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Getting to IrelandAddress: Green Glens Arena, Millstreet, Cork, Ireland.  Use the Station Road entrance. Note that Ireland does not have a nationwide postcode system, so the co-ordinates of the site entrance are 52.062907,-9.062499.

Where is Millstreet?

Millstreet is a small town in the southwest of Ireland [Google Maps]. If you are not living on the island of Ireland (Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland), then you will either have to fly or get a ferry (boat) to Ireland to get to the EJC 2014!  Millstreet has a train station - this is 1.9 km (1.2 miles) from the registration desk.

Trains in Ireland

Getting to Ireland by trainThere is only one train company in the Republic of Ireland: Irish Rail. Unlike 2006, it is now possible to pre-book train tickets for specific trains and also to reserve seats if desired.   If you are planning on making part of your journey to the site by rail, we recommend that, if possible, you pre-book your seats on the train to ensure that there is sufficient capacity!  Group discounts are very limited, and exclude many possible journey times.

Travelling within Ireland by train? See: €9.99 Irish Rail Promotion

Sail Rail

Consider using Sail Rail to get you from the U.K. to Ireland.  Prices are fixed and tickets can be purchased from main line train stations up to and including the day of travel.  More information about pricing arrangement etc. can be found by searching for “Sail Rail” online. Seat61 currently allows for online purchasing of these tickets, but typically expect that you purchase these tickets in person or by phone!.  You can purchase your ticket that includes your train and ferry travel in Ireland and the U.K.  The only part of your journey not covered in the price is the cost of getting to the train station in the U.K. and the cost of travelling from the relevant port in Dublin to Heuston train station, Dublin.

See also: €9.99 Irish Rail Promotion and 15% Off Stenaline Fares

Buses in Ireland

There are many different bus companies in Ireland; the one with the largest route network is Bus Eireann; Other bus companies tend to provide services linking cities to one another.

Roads in Ireland

Driving in IrelandIn Ireland, we drive on the left hand side of the road.  Speed limits are in km per hour.  If travelling on the M50 (motorway around Dublin), beware that this is a toll road without a toll booth – it uses cameras to detect your licence plate.  eFlow Ireland gives information on how to pay this toll.  All other toll routes in Ireland have toll booths and barriers. Only motorways/tunnels have tolls in Ireland.  Petrol/gasoline and diesel are widely available.  If you are planning on hiring a car, be aware that almost all cars in Ireland have manual transmissions (not automatic transmission), so hiring an automatic car without prior arrangement can be difficult and is generally more expensive than hiring a manual.