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Volunteer Signups

Volunteering your time and skills is an integral part of what makes the European Juggling Convention such a wonderful event. It creates a wonderful community during the event and allows us to spread knowledge and experience around the world. It is a wonderful way to form new and lasting friendships.

This article details the roles for which you can volunteer. Some require specific skills and some require training.

Badge Control: On badge control you are responsible for checking that people have the correct pass.  If they don’t have a proper pass, direct people to the registration desk.  Badge control shifts will mainly be two hours long, with a few one hour shifts.

Stewarding: We need people to steward shows and also the parade and games.  If you are a show steward, you make sure that people don’t enter until the stage manager gives the okay.  You also make sure that fire exits are not blocked by jugglers.  Stewarding a parade means that you walk alongside the parade to make sure that no-one gets lost (difficult in Millstreet!) and that spectators don’t walk through the parade and get hit by flying objects in the process.  Stewarding the games means that you help to define the games area and that you help to ensure that everyone follows the rules of that game.

Fire Stewards: It is very important that we have a safe fire area.  As part of this, fire stewards ensure that everyone follows basic safety rules and are on-hand with safety equipment. ** Training involved **

Registration Desk:  For the first few days of the convention we will have a separate registration desk.  If you volunteer for this, be prepared to be very busy! On this job, you are either sorting out those who have already paid (pre-registered): giving out passes and tickets, checking them off the appropriate lists.  If you are on the unpaid (not pre-registered) desk, you will be taking money and giving out passes and tickets.

Merchandise Desk: At every EJC, we sell t-shirts and other items.  On the merchandise desk, you are responsible for the selling of these items and for bring out and displaying the merchandise at the start of the day and packing it away when the desk closes for the evening.

Information Desk:  You are part of the information hub of the convention.  You don’t need to know everything, but either being from the area, or having experience of attending previous EJCs is a big help.  There will be an information pack for those working on the desk, and core team members will be available to answer remaining questions at different points during the day.  Speaking more than one language is a major advantage for those working at the information desk, but speaking English is essential.

Stage Hands: During each show, props need to be set up on stage and the stage must be cleared between acts.  This is the job of the stage hands. Should bring black clothes.

Runners: You will do odd-jobs during the convention.  Expect variety!

Site Team: On the site team you help to keep the infrastructure of the convention going during the convention.  This means checking fencing, fire points, generators etc.

Decoration Team: Most of the work is done before the convention begins, but we will need running repairs done to the decorations during the convention.

Bin Team: As part of keeping the site clean, bins need to be moved and emptied regularly.

Recycling Team: As we try to minimise the environmental impact of the convention, we need a team of people to help to manage the recycling; ensuring that the recycling bins around the site are emptied on a regular basis.

Cleaning Team: No one wants to spend the week on a dirty site.  While we encourage all participants to help to keep the site clean, we will also be looking for people to help litter pick across the site on a regular basis. 

Music: Help to create the amazing onsite atmosphere…

Drivers: During the EJC we will need people to collect and deliver performers to and from airports, train stations and accommodation.  We may also need drivers to go with our shoppers to pick up supplies.  One of the drivers will also act as the accommodation liaison - interacting with the local B&B owners  [Setup and During Convention and start of Take Down]

Stage Managers: Managing open stages and special shows (including the Legends show!). Needs to be experienced.

Sound and Lights: Sound and lighting technicians needed for the shows - experience needed.

Workshop Co-ordinator: This job means that you help to put together the workshop schedule (before the convention).  You are also responsible for any limited space workshops with sign-up.  You will need to arrange that any special workshops have all the equipment specified.  This can range from having large sheets of paper and pens to hand (especially for passers and site swap workshops) to helping to coordinate workshops for the general public.  Inform Information Desk of any changes to workshop arrangements (also updates workshop board!).  Will need to liaise with the passers before the convention - as they tend to have organised a passing workshop schedule. [Setup and During Convention]

Artists liaison: your job will be to make sure that artists know where they are meant to be for special workshops or for rehearsals.   You will help to minimise stress for both the main organisers and for the invited artists.

Reg / Info desk runners: Especially important during the first weekend.  Their jobs are multi-purpose - to help to manage queues at registration, to direct people to the campsite and to the ATMs.  Also most importantly their responsibility is to ensure that those working on the two desks are supplied with tea / coffee / snacks and that they have the opportunity to take a break to eat meals.

Volunteer Signups