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Volunteer at EJC2014Volunteering your time and skills is an integral part of what makes the European Juggling Convention such a wonderful event. It creates a wonderful community during the event and allows us to spread knowledge and experience around the world. It is a wonderful way to form new and lasting friendships.

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In the past few years there has been movement away from many people doing a little volunteering to fewer people doing a lot as full time volunteers. In exchange for working a lot of hours, some were given free tickets to the EJC. However, as many of you are aware, EJC 2012 and EJC 2013 made financial losses.

We know that EJC 2014 is likely to be smaller than recent EJCs. It requires more time and planning to get to our lovely island. As such it is even more important to this convention’s success that finances are carefully attended to. As such, we will be returning to the ethos that everyone is expected to contribute towards the running of the convention [in a big or small way] by volunteering and not relying on full time volunteers. This approach has worked for many conventions and we feel it is a core part of the EJC experience.

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Why volunteer?

    1. A cheaper convention. If we had to employ people to all the tasks that volunteers perform, the price of the convention would be much more expensive.
    2. Get to know lots of other people. Break out of your standard circle of friends and get to know people from other countries who use other props!
    3. A warm and cosy feeling. Take pride in your contribution to a successful and safe convention and help increase community spirit.
    4. Knowledge and experience. Get to know more about the process and inner workings of running a large juggling convention. You can apply this knowledge elsewhere, even if your local juggling convention has fewer than 100 attendees.

What do I get if I volunteer?

This year we are encouraging everyone to take responsibility for the event. Those who work particularly long stretches in a day [e.g. those working on registration desk] will be given food. There will be small rewards throughout the convention for those who are regular volunteers.

What jobs are there?

Volunteer jobs at EJC 2014 include: working at Registration Desk; Information Desk; Stewarding Shows, Parades and Games; Runners; Drivers; Recycling and Refuse; Litter picking and tidying. Watch out for more information in the next few weeks about these jobs.

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