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Invitation to EJC2014

Ladies and Gentlemen, you are cordially invited to Ireland for the 37th European Juggling Convention which we will host in Millstreet, Co. Cork from the 19th to the 27th of July, 2014. Please feel free to share this invitation with your friends and family, and we do hope can welcome you and your friends to Ireland in 2014!

You're invited to EJC 2014 in Ireland



The Official EJC2014 Logo!

We have just completed our design for the Official EJC 2014 logo. The final design is from Bill Dunne who also worked on a lot of the graphics for the 2006 EJC. Here is some of Bills other design work.


European Juggling Convention 2014 Millstreet, Co. Cork, Ireland - Official Logo


Description from the designer:

Inclusiveness was the first theme mentioned in the brief, so what better symbol to show this than the convention parade. No matter how new you are to circus, no matter your choice of prop (if any), if you are a professional or just enjoy it for its own sake, there is a place for you in the parade.

I have used the hand-stander and the contact juggler above the rest to symbolize the self, i.e. taking care of oneself, as I see these as two arts where without proper care and attention to ones body and mind, a high level of practice is unachieveable. To clarify: Body is represented by handstand as you cannot do this without a fit, healthy body; Mind is represented by contact juggling, as you must accept and not allow the frustration of repeated failure to get to you!

Additionally, a circus theme is shown in the variety of props/activities and in the choice of fonts and the location of EJC2014 - Ireland is also hinted at with the national symbol of the harp displayed the flag


How to start juggling

Learning to juggleHere are a few basic tips on beginning ball juggling. The overarching tip that helps most people I find is that you must break down what you're trying to do into its component parts, work on them individually and then build it back up. If you get frustrated at any point, drop it back and practice its elements again before trying to move forward again.

  • Make every throw from the same place

When you make a wild catch way out in front of you, bring the ball back to you before you make the next throw. That way you can build consistency in your throws.

  • Make each throw about the height of where your forehead is

Height is time so the higher you throw the more time you have to manage the next action. However, the higher you throw the more accurate that throw must be.

  • For practice, start with one ball

Imagine a square in front of you. The top is in front of your forehead and the corners extend to shoulder height. Throw from one hand to the opposite corner and

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What to pack?

What to pack for an EJC?Never been to an EJC before? Currently worrying about what you should bring? Fear not, gentle juggler, for your EJC 2014 crew have compiled a checklist of useful items for you to bring


  1. Juggling Props
  2. Tent (i.e. don't rely on a hammock or the kindness of strangers!)
  3. Sleeping Bag
  4. Camping Roll or Foam Mat or Foam Tiles or Air Mattress or Camping Bed
  5. Torch (preferably a Head Torch, but be mindful not to shine it in people's eyes)
  6. Pillow (or something which can be used as a pillow)
  7. Towels
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Get 20% off Irish Rail journeys with our EJC discount code!

Irish Rail Discount CodeGreat news for our EJC attendees! We have negotiated a whopping 20% discount with Irish Rail, Ireland's national railway provider. This promotion is valid on the 4th of July only. Help us plan our event by booking your train tickets early, and by purchasing your train tickets in advance – you can avail of the best on-line web fares.

Avail of this great offer on July 4th for 24 hours only by entering the special EJC discount code into the "Promotional Code Box" before placing an order on the "Step 4: Place an Order" page of

Promotion now over.

20% Off: EJC2743

This discount code is valid for tickets from anywhere in Ireland to and from Millstreet for any date. The special online discount code is valid for use for one day only - on Friday, 4th July 2014. Normal Web Fares will apply at other times.

For those hoping to arrive and depart by train, advanced booking is essential. We strongly recommend that all attendees leaving by train have a ticket purchased in advance. You can book tickets through the Irish rail website

Book a transfer

European Juggling Convention Millstreet - The Worlds Largest Circus and Juggling FestivalYou can now book a bus transfer from Dublin or Cork Airport directly to the site at Green Glens Arena Millstreet for European Juggling Convention 2014. You can also book your journey from Millstreet back to Cork or Dublin Airport.

All tickets are one-way so if you want a return journey you must book two tickets.


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€9.99 Irish Rail Promotion

Irish Rail Seat Sale €9.99 One-wayGreat news! We spoke with the Irish National railway system operators, Irish Rail (Iarnród Éireann) who will offer a significant discount on all routes covering the period of EJC2014.

Single (one-way) journeys* booked between the 18th April, 2014 and May 31st, 2014 will cost just €9.99, Note that seats can only be booked online a maximum of 60 days in advance** so set a reminder to book your seats from the end of May onwards.

Watch out on the Irish Rail website, Official Twitter and their Facebook page for the announcement.

* Some peak services may not be available at the discounted price, when booking the price will be presented.

** The online booking system is restricted to only allow bookings 60 days in advance.

For those hoping to arrive and depart by train, advanced booking is essential. We strongly recommend that all attendees leaving by train have a ticket purchased in advance. You can book tickets through the Irish rail website