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Guest post: Stephen from Galway Community Circus

Galway Community Circus have been bringing circus skills workshops, fabulous shows and great community spirit to cities and towns all over Ireland since 2002. They ran the youth circus area of EJC 2006 and have been at many of the EJCs since 2002. They run large scale shows each year, providing a valuable platform for young Irish jugglers and circus artists. They are support by Irish Government funding but also need supporting finance from the community. This is an invited guest post from Stephen Cadwell of the Galway Community Circus.

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EJC promotional merchandise

Due to the unprecedented popularity of the tshirts Mr. Dunne designed for our promotion of EJC2014, we have made the original design available to purchase online! You can buy the design on a huge range of clothing in a huge range of colours including mens and ladies t-shirts, pullovers, hoodies, children's sizes and beautiful covers for your iPad, Samsung Galaxy, iPhone & iPod!

Of course, by buying EJC 2014 promotional merchandise you are not only looking great, you are helping us add a little to our finances to help make EJC 2014 a spectacular experience as well as helping us by promoting the event wherever you sport EJC 2014 merchandise!

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Grand opening time announced

EJC 2014 opens at 15:00 GMT on 19th JulyTeam EJC2014 are pleased to announce the official grand opening for registration for the 37th European Juggling Convention will commence at 15:00GMT on July 19th, 2014.

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EJC2013: The Céilí in Toulouse

The team behind the next European Juggling Convention in Millstreet. County Cork, Ireland hosted a promotional event at this years Convention in the south of France. The Irish jugglers at EJC2013 organised a large-scale traditional Irish music and dancing night, known as a Céilí. We danced the Siege of Ennis. We danced the Walls of Limerick. We drank Irish whiskey and Guinness. We had immense craic.

The musicians on the night, TradRocks had been warned that the people at an EJC are the best crowd they'll ever play for and yet they were still surprised by how many and how willingly everyone engaged in the dancing and the craic. The 'caller' for the night, Alan Mac Stiofain was amazed that while his musicians took a short break the crowd continued dancing. "We've played music at Céiliís all over the world, and I've never seen anything like this" said Alan. The event drew a huge and enthusiastic crowd on one of the last nights of the convention. EJC2014 is very proud to have been able to create such a wonderful night.


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EJC2013: Gorgeous weather, jaw dropping skills, beautiful people and fun times

This years EJC crept up at what seemed like a snails pace and then vanished into thin air in a flurry of gorgeous weather, jaw dropping skills, beautiful people and fun times all around

The 2013 EJC was held in Toulouse in the sunny, very sunny south of France.  Though unconfirmed, it's estimated to have attracted over 3,000 people, with a strong Irish contingent basking in all it's glory.  The 8 day long festival saw circus hobbyists, enthusiasts and professionals come from all corners of the world. The level of skills witnessed in all the disciplines seems only to improve every year.

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EJC2013: I don't think I stopped smiling

EJC 2013 In Review

EJC 2013 in Toulouse was one of the best weeks (or 9 days, to be precise) of my life. From the moment I arrived I don't think I stopped smiling until I realised I had to leave when it was all over.

Daily waterfightI'm trying to think of my favourite thing about the convention. It's difficult to decide. You never knew what you were going to run into, wherever you turned. You could be juggling in one of the three practice halls and notice that the person practicing beside you is one of the most talented jugglers you've ever seen, challenging your ideas of what is physically possible. Or maybe you see a person on a unicycle who decides to ignore gravity for a while and gets away with it. You could be chilling out in the sun with your friends when you suddenly get attacked by a troupe of water ninjas, or a truck drives past with a full-fledged pool party in the back. Or a ten-piece brass band appears and starts playing covers of classic rock songs.

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Connect with the EJC2014 Ireland TeamWe're seeing a lot of new likes, follows and tweets these days now that #EJC2013 is over. Everyone is traveling home and thinking forward to next years EJC event in Millstreet, Ireland. Stay in touch with progress over the next 12 months by signing up to our email newsletter and connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Google +.

The Céilí in Toulouse

Team #EJC2014 is pleased to announce that we will be running a very special event at this years EJC in Toulouse. The EJC2013 team have graciously supported us in bringing a little bit of Ireland to you this year so you can experience some Irish culture in advance of next years event!

On Saturday, the 3rd of August 2013 there will be a large Céilí, followed by a Seisiún Ceol Tradisiúnta (Traditional Irish music session) at the Toulouse Convention. We will have three Irish traditional musicians performing on the night and we will teach you how to dance at a Céilí! The Céilí starts at 8 o'clock and runs for just over two hours. That will be followed by a session of traditional Irish music and then a DJ will take over so we can dance into the early hours!


A céilí (Pronounced  [ˈceːlʲiː] or kay-lee) is an Irish social event with traditional Irish music and dancing. Céilís were traditionally run at house parties and local halls and are still popular to this day. We even have professional level competitions for Céilí musicians and Céilí dancers.

Céilí dancing

At a céilí the dances take a follow-the-leader type approach so they can be learned quite quickly. We'll teach you some of the basic steps - 3/5/7 step jigs, reels, waltzes and hornpipes at the beginning of the event and before long that dancing will begin to move faster and faster! Many of the dances have specific names such as the Siege of Ennis, The haymaker, The Walls of Limerick, The Galway Reel or The Fairy Reel.


Céilí music

At a Céilí, the music that is played is "Ceol Tradisiúnta" and when the performers get together and get into the music, a Seisiún has begun. Some of the songs you might hear at the Céilí include:

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