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Here is our current schedule to help you plan your convention.  This schedule highlights the larger events, there are workshops and skill sharing sessions happening constantly throughout the week.

Superb events for families and visitors

Schedule of events

Saturday, 19th July
Opening day: Registration & ticket sales open. Open stage event at 8 o'clock.
Sunday, 20th July
First Official Renegade, Lots of Masterclasses begin!
Monday, 21st July
Masterclass: Viktor Kee (3 day) begins, Workshops, Open Stage, Renegade and Fire area
Tuesday, 22nd July
Family Day & Free Street Shows and Irish Day with Céilí: Irish Culture, Irish Gala show, Ceilí Mór
Wednesday, 23th July
Open Stage, Masterclass: Michael Moschen, Battlestick, Volleyclub, EJA General Assembly
Thursday, 24th July
Open Stage, Diabolo Battle, Fight Night, 3-Ball football
Friday, 25th July
Legend Stage: Michael Moschen, Viktor Kee, Jochen Schell and more, Last Official Renegade
Saturday, 26th July
Closing day: Monster Parade through Millstreet, The Juggling Games, Gala Show
Sunday, 27th July
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Check out the full schedule on our detailed event calendar

You can also use this iCal link to add our public calendar to your mobile device. If any changes are made we will change this calendar too, so you're always up to date! Google how to add it to your specific device if you don't know how already - here is the link: