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There are two camping areas on the site. The family camping is for those who like to go to sleep earlier and is marked on the site map. Main area camping is also marked on the site map.

Fire is the biggest risk when camping, as such no fires are allowed in the camp area. Cooking is not permitted in the camp area, only in the designated cooking area. Do not obstruct the fire lanes in the camp area, any obstructions will be removed. Help keep our camp area clean and tidy by bringing any recycling to the designated areas.

EJC Bar and The Hub

Eight Degrees Brewing Company at EJC 2014 FestivalThe festival has a nicely stocked bar on site, just off the main hall. The bar sells a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks all throughout the convention and has some very special guests: Eight Degrees Brewing Company, who offer a selection of high quality Irish craft beer. The bar opening times are 12:00 to 23:30 Sunday - Thursday and 12:00 to 00:30 on Friday and Saturday.

There is a lounge area nearby called The Hub which will host some events during the week, including the Céilí Mór Irish Music and Dancing Night on Tuesday, and some other music evenings. This bar is run by jugglers for jugglers, and is a big addition to the convention this year. We hope you enjoy it!

Lazy Juggler Games Area

Here you can play board games without worrying the pieces will be knocked over by flying objects (though there will be jugglers about so you can never be too careful...). This space will be open 24 hours for you to play your own games.

We also have Lazy Juggler running workshops in a variety of different board and card games. Lazy Juggler are bringing a large games library for everyone to use, especially those who may not be there to juggle 24/7. In addition to all this, there will be fun competitions anyone can join in, with a chance to win prizes too! Lazy Juggler will be there from midday ‘til late. By (Lazy) Jugglers for jugglers means it’s free, and if you like a game you can always purchase it whilst you are there :D T

he Library will contain around 150 games for attendees of the EJC to use, including: Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne, Elk Fest, Dominion, Pucket, Sopio, Panic Lab, Ricochet Robots, Jungle Speed, DC Deck Building game, Khet, Tichu, 'Hey, that's my fish', Quoridor, Quarto, Hanabi, Dobble... and many more!

For more info or to request workshops contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or drop in!

Diabolo Battle

Diabolo Battle at EJC2014After many years of being condemned to 'Who tosses higher?' and 'Put the diabolo in da box!' the most friendly and merciless competition arrives to the diabolo community straight to its European heart, right in the place where dreams are made and gravity is defied and defeated, the EJC!

This is your best chance to make friends, smash them, get smashed by them, and celebrate all together afterwards

Location and time: Massacre Tent, 6pm  - Thursday 24th


3 Ball Football

Jugglers don't like to make life easy for themselves and it shows when you look at something like 3 ball football. It’s just like regular football but you have to play while juggling three balls. Running, passing, shooting and scoring all have to be done while juggling three balls. It may sound crazy but it makes for one exciting sport.

Teams consist of three people, so grab two friends and get playing now. Rumour has it the Irish team has been training in secret all year...

Anyone can enter, even if you’ve never played before. Teams can sign in at the info desk on site where information about the tournament rules and more is available.

Location and time:  Secondary Hall, 11am. Finals at 5pm.  - Thursday 24th

Fight Night

One-on-One Club Combat Tournament. A great game to watch, better to compete. Qualifying rounds are open to anyone and will be held in the Hub.

Who will be crowned the EJC2014 King of Combat? Find out at Fight Night on the Main Stage.

Location and time: Qualifiers in the Hub, 2pm. Finals on Main Stage, 11pm  - Thursday 24th


Playing Volleyclub at EJC 2012Volleyclub is a team sport where club juggling meets volleyball. All players hold in each hand a juggling club. In addition there is also a “Volleyclub” which, like the ball in volleyball, is thrown between players back and forth over the net.

The basic idea is simple: One team serves, the other catches the Volleyclub, and then tries to return it over the net. If the other team can't catch it, you score. Teams consist of two people so make sure to bring a friend or better yet make one!

Anyone can enter, even if you’ve never played before. Teams can sign in at the info desk on site where information about the tournament rules and more is available.

Location and time: Secondary Hall, 11am. Finals at 5pm - Wednesday 23rd

EJA General Assembly

European Juggling AssociationThis is the time where you get to hear about next year's EJC, and you get to vote on where the EJC will be in the coming years. The European Juggling Association (EJA) are the group responsible for ensuring there is a team to organise an EJC every year. But they alone cannot decide where it will be, that is our decision (everyone at EJC), and this is the place to cast your vote! Anyone willing to organise an EJC must first speak to the EJA, who can offer support and advice.

This Assembly also includes time for other important votes and information about the future of EJCs. For more information about the EJA visit

Location and time: The Hub, 6pm on Wednesday 23rd


Battlestick at EJC 2014Battle Stick is a new way of performance and battle between talented Devilstick and Flowerstick players from all around the world. If you are able to present only one trick which is cool or beyond imagining and you want to show your special abilities on stage or if you want to show a combined team trick with your friends, here is the moment you were waiting for!

More information and the list to sign up you can find at the info-point. The Battle starts on Wednesday 23th July, 10pm at Massacre Tent!

Fire area

EJC 2014 Fire AreaThe fire area is a place where fire jugglers and fire spinners can come to and practise their arts on fire. It has dedicated fire stewards and safety equipment as well as free fuel. It's a great place for watching hypnotic and graceful jugglers play with fire as if it were as safe as water; for lighting up yourself grooving out to some beats with your favourite element or testing your newest tricks under strenuous conditions, five fire-club backcrosses anyone? ;)

If you are new to fire, we have fire safety lessons mid-week that will start you off spinning fire for the first time. These will be at the start of the evening, because it's easier to see what you are doing, when you can still see what you are doing.

If weather permits the fire area will be open every night for free play and practise but we also hope to run a fire open stage show. On show night the free play will begin after the show.

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