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This year the EJC will include "The Energy Centre". This will be an amazing hub for all sorts of alternative treatments and activities, from wonderful relaxing massages and therapies to fun invigorating activities such as chocolate yoga and ecstatic dance! It is going to be such a beautiful, energetic and welcoming space where you can come and let go, simply be, re-align and re-connect in whatever way that suits you.

The various lovely massage therapies on offer include sports massage, thai, shiatsu and classical massage, as well as sound massage, pranic healing and fusion bodywork. We will also offer a wonderful array of practices such as Reike, EFT, shamanic journeys, Andean healing, dyads, card reading, crystal healing, acro-yoga and more! For those who wish to be more physically involved, the chocolate and acro yoga and ecstatic dance will be suitably invigorating! Other nourishing fun activities such as body painting and crafts will be ongoing in the space as well.

The space will be open at least 6-8 hours per day and there will be some timetabled events and some spontaneous treatments/activities, so if there is nothing timetabled there may still be something happening. All treatments and activities are kindly offered on a donation basis. The space will be open from 4-9pm on the first day with chocolate yoga timetabled for 7pm on the first evening, the 19th! So make sure not to miss that treat! Then opening about 10am the next day. Opening and closing times will be posted on a notice board.

In addition, if you have something suitable to offer, I invite you to use The Energy Centre as your base and add to our activities and treatments that are already planned. I would especially love to hear from anyone wishing to run meditation, sung mantras or Kirtan and any acoustic musicians who would like to help create the atmosphere at the space. Please feel free to email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to offer any practice, or simply rock up during the EJC and have a chat with me and join in.

The symbol for The Energy Centre above, is the Celtic Triskele. It is the spiral motion of 3 arms of energies. It represents a tale of forward motion to reach understanding. It represents spirit-mind-body, power-intellect-love and creation-preservation-destruction, to name but a few. I hope these soulful universal concepts inform and infuse within The Energy Centre and the EJC as a whole!

Love, Light and Life!