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EJC 2014 Fire AreaThe fire area is a place where fire jugglers and fire spinners can come to and practise their arts on fire. It has dedicated fire stewards and safety equipment as well as free fuel. It's a great place for watching hypnotic and graceful jugglers play with fire as if it were as safe as water; for lighting up yourself grooving out to some beats with your favourite element or testing your newest tricks under strenuous conditions, five fire-club backcrosses anyone? ;)

If you are new to fire, we have fire safety lessons mid-week that will start you off spinning fire for the first time. These will be at the start of the evening, because it's easier to see what you are doing, when you can still see what you are doing.

If weather permits the fire area will be open every night for free play and practise but we also hope to run a fire open stage show. On show night the free play will begin after the show.