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The Gala Show is the main show at an EJC and typically takes place at the very end of the festival. It is a widely anticipated world class showing of artistic talents which marks the final day of this EJC.

This year's EJC Gala Show is comprised of artists renowned  and respected for being innovators in their fields.

All are pioneers, pushing the boundaries of contemporary object manipulation in their own way. Each has their unique approach, from incorporating dance and movement into their manipulation, to employing theatrical and staging techniques to enhance their performances. They come from diverse backgrounds, some having attended prestigious circus schools while others are entirely self taught.

What unites them all is their dedication to personal research. As a result each one pushes the boundaries of possibility and are an inspiration to jugglers all over the world.

Early Show:     Saturday 26th Doors at 17:30, Show starts at 18:00

Late Show:     Saturday 26th Doors at 21:00, Show starts at 21:30

Tickets are included in your full-week festival pass or available at the Green Glens Arena Box Office from 19th July.

Adults €15 | Youth €8 | Family ticket (2 + 2) €40

Hosted by Matthias Romir

Expressive juggler, depressing clown, contemporary weirdo - Matthias discovered the world of European juggling festivals back in 1993 in Leeds. That is where he got to know and love the stage when he was still a kid.

In 2008, after more than 15 years of stage experience, he finally decided to completely dedicate himself to his passion.

Since then he has been performing his solo shows and has appeared in several show productions at festivals, on the streets and in theatres worldwide.  This autodidact is known for his quirky juggling style, combined with his unique sense of humour and weird characters.

Kyle Johnson

Born and raised in California, Kyle has developed his juggling style with the influence of the worldwide juggling community through online video.  He  learned to juggle at age 14 and has been happily obsessed every since.

Kyle has been featured on the Youtube list "Top 40 Jugglers of the year" three times and has been voted "Most Inspirational Juggler" by jugglers at Humboldt Juggling Festival (2010) and Damento Juggling Festival (2011).

Using balls, Kyle works to integrate traditional juggling, contact juggling, and movement to get the most out of his props.

Gail O'Brien

Gail is a dynamic and technical contemporary hoop dancer and a renowned hoop teacher based in the UK.

Gail has taught extensively in the last 4 years at events including Sacred Circularities, HoopCamp, Spin Summit, SWHoop, European Juggling Convention, Brighton Flow Fest and UK Hoop Gatherings (UK).

She also performs and runs the annual Manchester Hoop Congress, now in its fourth year, which brings together the best of UK and international hoop talent to teach and perform.
Her unique and adaptable performance style with hoop, fire hoop and LED/glow hoop has seen her perform internationally at cabarets, conventions, festivals and corporate events.
Gail completed a year’s circus training at Belfast Circus School where she has created a stunning new act fusing hoop manipulation, dance, acrobatics building on skills developed during the Circus in Performance course at GreenTop Circus School.


Roxana is a foot juggler and a trapeze artist. She graduated from the Academy for Circus and Performance Art in Tilburg, Netherlands. She is of German and Iranian nationality.

"After I had finished high school I was sure that I didn’t want to study something ‘normal’ even if I was very interested in politics and history. I just couldn’t see myself sitting down all day long. I wanted to move and in my youth circus I had experienced how many things you can bring along in a circus performance."

Her artistic life began with a youth circus in northern Germany where she got to know the pleasure of creating in a group and combining circus with elements from political theatre.

During her four years of study at a professional circus school she specialised in foot juggling with balls and static trapeze in combination with ball manipulation.

Patrik Elmnert

Patrik Elmnert is a Swedish juggler born in Uppsala 1989. He is based in Stockholm and has completed circus high school, a postgraduate course on the relation between juggling and music, and the University of Dance and Circus.Patrik has spent most of his time as a club juggler but has during the last few years fallen more and more in love with rings.

He started performing at the age of 10 and has since then played shows all over the world.

Cyrille Humen

Cyrille is an independent minded French juggler and dancer who travels the world in a quest to develop his juggling.

Born near Lyon in 1987, Cyrille is passionate about exploring movement. 

"Dive", his latest creation, is a choreographed collaboration with Van-Kim Tran. This piece is focused on juggling which relies on an expressive, strong and determined body.


Florent Lestage

Florent is one of a kind. His awkward tendencies impose a specific challenge for him, influencing his distinct and captivating body language, and earning him the nickname "Gaston Lagaffe". He accepts this title with a grin, as he dances away with graceful awkwardness, juggling with ease and perfect coordination.

At the age of 17, after realizing his weightlifting career was coming to an end, he decided to give himself completely to circus. Over a period of 5 years, 3 of which were spent at the National Circus School in Montreal, he developed his circus skills, notably juggling, which would become his specialty, and clowning, a skill and passion that he continually nourishes and develops to this day.

These years of work led him to a silver medal and public prize at the 30th "Festival Mondial du cirque de demain" in 2009. He went on to tour the world for 3 years with the company "The 7 fingers" in the show "PSY". He is now a founding member the company "Tete d'Enfant", as well as co-director and performer in their first show, "Me, myself and us".

He continues to perform his solo acts and give workshops in the hopes of contaminating his audience and pupils, spreading his madness upon those who wish it (and maybe even those who don't!).