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Irish Night at EJC2014This day we are celebrating all things Irish! There will be lots of Irish cultural activities throughout the day for all our international visitors to learn about 'having the craic'.

Irish Language Workshop

Ireland has its own unique language, Gaeilge which unlike many other European languages is not derived from Latin. It is the first language of a minority of Irish people today, and the second language of the  majority of Irish people.

This workshop will teach you some basic vocabulary you can use everyday in Ireland, and some fun phrases to impress the locals, and your friends!

Location and time: See workshop board

Irish Dancing Workshop

This workshop will teach you the ways of 'Irish Dancing', which is Ireland's own national dance, which can be performed solo or together with thousands of people in our set dance called a Céilí. This workshop will teach you the basic steps and set you up for the evening's Céilí Mór.
Location and time: See workshop board

Irish Gala Show

Since 2006, Irish circus culture has undergone a significant boom with many of our best performing talents training abroad, and touring globally. This show displays a snippet of that talent to you on their home soil.

Location and time: Main Stage at 5pm and 7.30pm

Céilí Mór

The Céilí Mór is a traditional Irish night of music, dancing and fun. Be sure to get into the bar area early for this, it’s a very popular event. It's going to be jam-packed! If you miss it, you will miss out, it’s only happening once!

Trad Rocks, the musicians who performed at our wonderful Céilí in Toulouse are back, and ready for more!  These guys really enjoyed their evening in Toulouse and they are very excited to welcome you to the ultimate Céilí experience!

Afterwards, will be a traditional Irish seisiún, with traditional Irish Music and dancing for the rest of the night. Lots of craic to be had for everyone!

Location and time: The Hub, 9pm

Irish Food

The caterers are preparing special options today of traditional Irish food to match the theme for this wonderful day.