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Masterclass: Michael Moschen

EJC 2014 Legends Stage - Michael MoschenMacArthur laureate Michael Moschen is considered to be the supreme creative juggling virtuoso of our time, and likely of all time. His creations have been seen on stage, screen and television as well as in leading theatre and dance festivals all over the world.  Michael is perhaps best known to jugglers for his appearance in the film Labyrinth, and his "In Motion" performance. For the past eight years Michael has researched the historic commonalities of mathematics, physics and music. He is readying a series of physical skill-based activities/games to be distributed worldwide. His website states that "When not performing Mr. Moschen is creating."

Michael's Masterclass runs on Wednesday, July 23rd at 13:30 to 16:00 in the main hall.

Developing and mastering a new technique.

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Masterclass: Meast

Meast Staff SpinningFrom his mastery of doubles contact, single staff contact and doubles spinning, as well as a flair for acrobatics, Meast is really a joy to watch and doesn't seem to have a single weak point in his spinning. He started to play with a lot of different other tools such as contact ball, club swinging and manipulation, balls and anything that could help him getting better and better in his staff skills.

As a graphic designer, Meast pays a lot of attention to the object trajectory and the body movements involved to create the patterns. His first interest is focused on this "body/object" relation and its visual impact.

"I am a self taught juggler and have now been juggling for 10 years.  I began to juggle with staff and then progressed to contact ball and club manipulation. Before starting my juggling journey I trained in acrobatics and martial arts which is where I started to play with sticks. I like manipulation and using every king of juggling technique to manipulate an object. Contact juggling is my preference, because its more of an inside feeling.  I am a graphic designer which is very complementary with my juggling as I am very interested in composition, geometry, and proportions."

Limited to: 30 people

Mesat's Masterclass runs from 11-1pm on 23rd-25th

Masterclass 1 (2h):

Contact staff Beginner. Basic contact moves and beginner "Steve" variations. We'll explore a diversity of moves using hands first, then arms, then shoulder and neck in the first part and for the second part start body rolling exercises, and finally get to the steve and its variations.

Masterclass 2 (2h):

Advanced contact staff, Arm rolls and advanced "steve" variations. We will work on the many variations and combinations around the Steve movement, using advanced body rolls and balance

Masterclass 3 (2h):

Intermediate and advanced double contact staff. Body tricks combinations with double staff, using the juggling approach to do 3-1 and 2-2 (siteswaps) combinations with contact staff moves.


Masterclass: Iman Lizarazu

Iman Lizarazu MasterclassThis intriguing masterclass will give participants a firm grounding in physical comedy techniques. For the working professional this is a unique opportunity to take a fresh look at old habits and hone advanced skills. The class initially addresses three areas: balance and control of the space, meeting and establishing complicity with the audience and with partners, and problem solving as a method of working on stage. After this introduction, we will explore ways of creating material and finding character. The focus is on activating the internal emotional state of the audience and helping the actor to always be interested rather than interesting.

This masterclass will be limited to 20 participants. How to apply will be announced later.

Iman Lizarazu is an Eccentric Performer, combining a variety of clowning skills into one art form. This broad palette enables her to craft little stories, create problems within those stories, and then solve the problems in unexpected, unusual, and delightful ways. She is a clown, a juggler, a visual artist, gardener, chef, and prankster. She loves the beautiful things in life – good food, good wine, good friends, and she loves bringing laughter and joy to the lives of those around her.

Now a resident of Santa Cruz, California, Iman was born in LaBourd in the Province of Soule in the Basque Country of southwest France. Iman’s family still lives in St. Jean- Pied-de-Port in Basque Navarre. She has been performing all her life, and professionally for over 20 years. Iman’s solo show, Comedia del Arte, has been performed locally, nationally, and internationally to wide acclaim.

Iman Lizarazu Eccentric Performing Masterclass runs from 11-1pm on 21st - 23rd

Masterclass: Viktor Kee

Viktor Kee EJC MasterclassThis special Masterclass is not included in your EJC 2014 ticket. To attend this masterclass you must purchase one the 30 tickets available.  This is a three day masterclass on ball juggling for four hours per day taught by Viktor Kee.

Viktor will also perform on our Legend Stage. See Legend Stage: Viktor Kee

Juggling as an art form has been evolving constantly, with every generation comes a different focus to the realm of object Manipulation. However, when we decide to perform and share our joy for juggling to others, there seem to certain principles that become constant or universal, transcending all generations. They can be known as the universal aesthetics of juggling.

This Masterclass taught by Viktor Kee, is a rare opportunity to enter into the world of juggling aesthetics, trick transitions, and business management as understood by this great performer.

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