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Gail O'Brien Masterclasses at EJC 2014Gail is a dynamic and technical contemporary hoop dancer and a renowned hoop teacher based in the UK. Gail has taught extensively in the last 4 years at events including Sacred Circularities, HoopCamp, Spin Summit, SWHoop, HoopCamp, European Juggling Convention, Brighton Flow Fest and UK Hoop Gatherings (UK). She also performs and runs the annual Manchester Hoop Congress, now in its fourth year, which brings together the best of UK and international hoop talent to teach and perform.

Her unique and adaptable performance style with hoop, fire hoop and LED/glow hoop has seen her perform internationally at cabarets, conventions, festivals and corporate events.

Gail completed a year’s circus training at Belfast Circus School where she has created a stunning new act fusing hoop manipulation, dance, acrobatics building on skills developed during the Circus in Performance course at GreenTop Circus School.

About the class

Funky Rolls For everyone (Completely new rolls workshop!)

New ways to roll!! Hugely inspired by the creativity of the community this workshop will play with entrances and exits from basic chest and back rolls. We will look at taking your favourite move and combining it with rolls as well as exploring common moves that integrate roll technique. This workshop is suitable for all levels. Come prepared to play, create. (This workshop will involve dropping your hoop if your not dropping your not learning!!)

Lines, Angles, Curves and Tiny Throws – Combination of body movement and throwing techniques.

Borrowing techniques from juggling and other props we will look at combining different throws and smaller pops with different body movements and positions. We will also play with integrating these new movements into the repetoire of moves and movement you already have.

Gail's class runs on Tuesday 22nd July