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We are delighted to announce our extensive aerials masterclasses programme from Irelands reknowned aerial dance company, Fidget Feet. This series of masterclasses covers a wide array of aerial acrobatic techniques and the programme has ample opportunity for people of all skill levels to develop and learn from these world class teachers. Our teachers for the programme are Ms. Chloe de Buyl Pisco and Ms. Ria Murphy. Our teaching assistant is Suzon Gheur and our rigging specialist is Johann Hattingh.

Fidget Feet Aerial Dance Theatre is Ireland’s foremost aerial dance company. In ten years Fidget Feet has grown exponentially, performing across five continents and to audiences of over 100,000 people. In addition to creating work, Fidget Feet is a strong advocate for the development of aerial work in Ireland. The company was not only the first to teach aerial dance in Ireland, but founded the Irish Aerial Dance Fest - one of the largest aerial festivals in Europe. Run annually, the Irish Aerial Dance Fest hosts more than 100 classes over three weeks, and is attended by participants from all over the world.  Fidget Feet are artists in residence at the prestigious Irish World Academy of Music & Dance in the University of Limerick until 2017.

Aerial Class Types

Cocoon - Photo Jym DalyCocoons

The cocoon gives you the versatility to explore how the apparatus can support you as well as allow you to climb and move around the space.  It quickly builds up strength and flexibility for those who would like to learn fabric/rope/trapeze/hoop in the future.  This class will explore a range of techniques: climbing, hanging, figures, transitioning.  This is an excellent opportunity to become familiar with aerial.  Class content will include solo, duo and group work (time permitting) and will begin with a short warm-up.

Aerial Fabric - Photo by Jym Daly



Aerial technique in fabric and open to all dancers and aerialists. You will be introduced to basic climbs, keys and short sequences on fabric. This class is structured like any dance technique class, beginning with a warm-up and exercises on the fabrics to understand how your body moves in space. We will construct sequences and begin to use improvisation as a way for investigating and creating movement on the Fabric.

Aerial Dance Trapeze - Photo by Jym Daly


Aerial Dance Trapeze

Learn beautiful tricks and sequences on the trapeze while it's static, and then while spinning and swinging. Choreography and Creativity is encouraged with an emphasis on safety and technique. The dance trapeze, also sometimes called a single-point trapeze, has been an apparatus developed by and for contemporary dancers and adapted to facilitate the acrobatic vocabulary of aerial work. This class will begin with a short warm-up.

Aerial Hoop - Photo by Jym Daly


Aerial Hoop

A thorough, intensive class designed to give students a comprehensive foundation of basic hoop vocabulary.  We will learn how to get up, how to get down, what to do when you’re up there, and of course apply the magic ingredient... spinning!  Students must be able to straddle up from the ground to benefit from this class. This class will begin with a short warm-up.


Clothing: Wear tightly fitted clothes leggings & long tops making sure it covers all of back & belly to protect from burns. If you have leotard or swim suit this can help. Make sure trousers are not baggy at ankles, long-sleeved top for certain moves to protect under arms, no jewellery, hair tied back.

Aerial Class Skill Levels


If this is your first time in the air, if you don't know a straddle from a side-pickup, then this is the level for you. All classes are tailored for those who just want to give it a go.


If you have caught the flying bug but are still very much learning your trade, this is your level. Typically these classes are for those who train in aerial at least two hours per week.


This is for confident and competent aerialists who know their stuff. If you are looking to improve your technique and find your own creative voice in the air, well, you've found your level right here.  

Aerial Classes Timetable

Classes will run from Sunday the 20th July through until Friday the 25th:

Time slotClass TypeSkill LevelTeacher
09.30-10.45 Cocoon Explorer & Improver Chloe de Buyl Pisco
10.45-12.00 Fabric Improver & Skilled Ria Murphy
12.00-13.15 Aerial Dance Skilled Chloe de Buyl Pisco
13.15-14.30 Aerial Dance Explorer & Improver Ria Murphy
14.30-15.30    Pro. Training Time