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Acrobatics EJCBasics: A series of workshops throughout the week covering the basic principles of Partner Acrobatics. This series will be a good choice for beginners, who want to boost their Acrobatics skills will a full-week workshop series geared towards people without gymnastic/acrobatics experience.

Advanced: A series of workshops covering exercises and positions that are too difficult for true beginners because they require already a certain level of strength, balance, body-tension and experience. This series will be a good choice for participants who have acrobatics experience already.

Handstand: exercises and training methods to learn a proper Handstand. Daily practice with instructions for interested people to build body tension, strength and balance required for handstands.

Free training: Every night there will be “free training” with (different) instructors for interested people. There will be a “position of the day” announced during the training for people following the instructor-led session. Others can also practice their own positions in parallel.

Special Workshops: A selection of special workshops with a variety of different topics depending on the skills and proposed topics from different workshop leads. Examples: 1) “Washing Machines” (with L-Base, ending in the same position as the start with a full rotation of positions in between start and end), 2) AcroYoga exercises, usually with L-Base, 3) Hand-to-hand positions (handstand of flyer on base), 4) Pyramids with many people, 5) 3-person positions, 5) Dynamic acrobatics (transition between positions that require a momentum / movement)

Acrobatics Classes Timetable

This is a very provisional timetable and is subject to change without notice. Classes will run from Sunday the 20th July through until Saturday the 26th for Beginners and Advanced. The rest of the classes end on Friday the 25th:

Time slotSunday 20thMonday 21stTuesday 22ndWednesday 23rdThursday 24thFriday 25thSaturday 26th
10.30-11.30 Beginners Series 1 Beginners Series 2 Beginners Series 3 Beginners Series 4 Beginners Series 5 Beginners Series 6 Beginners Series 7
11.30-13.00 Advanced Series 1 Advanced Series 2 Advanced Series 3 Advanced Series 4 Advanced Series 5 Advanced Series 6 Advanced Series 7
14.00-15.30 Special topic: Washing machines 1 Special topic: AcroYoga sequencs and transitions Special topic: Hand to hand positions (flyer in handstand) Special topic: Pyramids (more people) Special topic: Dynamic acrobatics Special topic: Washing machines 2  
15.30-17.00 Handstand practice Handstand practice Handstand practice Handstand practice Handstand practice Handstand practice  
18.00-19.30 Free training Free training Free training Free training Free training Free training