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Meast Staff SpinningFrom his mastery of doubles contact, single staff contact and doubles spinning, as well as a flair for acrobatics, Meast is really a joy to watch and doesn't seem to have a single weak point in his spinning. He started to play with a lot of different other tools such as contact ball, club swinging and manipulation, balls and anything that could help him getting better and better in his staff skills.

As a graphic designer, Meast pays a lot of attention to the object trajectory and the body movements involved to create the patterns. His first interest is focused on this "body/object" relation and its visual impact.

"I am a self taught juggler and have now been juggling for 10 years.  I began to juggle with staff and then progressed to contact ball and club manipulation. Before starting my juggling journey I trained in acrobatics and martial arts which is where I started to play with sticks. I like manipulation and using every king of juggling technique to manipulate an object. Contact juggling is my preference, because its more of an inside feeling.  I am a graphic designer which is very complementary with my juggling as I am very interested in composition, geometry, and proportions."

Limited to: 30 people

Mesat's Masterclass runs from 11-1pm on 23rd-25th

Masterclass 1 (2h):

Contact staff Beginner. Basic contact moves and beginner "Steve" variations. We'll explore a diversity of moves using hands first, then arms, then shoulder and neck in the first part and for the second part start body rolling exercises, and finally get to the steve and its variations.

Masterclass 2 (2h):

Advanced contact staff, Arm rolls and advanced "steve" variations. We will work on the many variations and combinations around the Steve movement, using advanced body rolls and balance

Masterclass 3 (2h):

Intermediate and advanced double contact staff. Body tricks combinations with double staff, using the juggling approach to do 3-1 and 2-2 (siteswaps) combinations with contact staff moves.