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Ronan McLoughlin Masterclasses at European Juggling Convention 2014 IrelandRonan McLoughlin is a world renowned fire and object manipulation artist from Ireland. Best known for his innovative style of poi spinning, Ronan has been teaching and performing all over the world for over 10 years. He has been invited to teach and perform at the biggest fire and flow festivals on the planet such as Firedrums, Kinetic Fire and Kiev Fire Festival, as well as countless juggling conventions, circus, art, and music festivals.

Taking inspiration from other juggling and object manipulation arts, as well as movement and mind/body awareness disciplines such as Tai Chi alongside illusion based dance he has developed his own unique style of movement and performance.

As Ronan began to explore these skills more deeply he became fascinated with how we learn, and how to learn more efficiently. Over the past few years he has shared the ideas, experiences and techniques on learning that he has acquired through teaching and facilitating Learning to Learn workshops and talks.

Seeing the positive effects of these arts on all ages has inspired Ronan to continue to explore these arts and to share these amazing tools, techniques and skills far and wide.

Ronan's Masterclasses run from 10:00-13:00 from the 20th-22nd

Day 1: 20th July

Learning to learn - an exploration of the learning process, examining different techniques, tools and perspectives that can help to speed up the learning process and make it a more enjoyable experience.

Foundations of Poi - back to the basics, reexamining the foundations of poi technique and control, realising the infinite in the simplest circle and pushing to master a solid foundation, which will make everything more advanced much easier.

Days 2 & 3: 21st and 22nd July

Technique and movement

Diving Deeper - Exploration of more advanced poi spinning and manipulation techniques such as isolations, pendulums, flowers, contact, throws, "constructs"
We will also explore movement and visual effect techniques from other disciplines such as dance or mime and how we can use them as inspiration for our poi spinning