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This is a once off show featuring a handful of Juggling Legends who have been performing for several decades and who have made a significant impact on the world of juggling, both for jugglers and for the public. This could be either through amazing and beautiful performances, groundbreaking ideas, writing books, unbelievable tricks, and slick routines. Truly the world of Juggling would not be the same without the contribution made by each of these acts.  

This is a once-off opportunity to see some of the Juggling Legends of our time, and as some of the Legends will be doing Masterclass workshops, you might get to learn a thing or two from them also!

Early Show:     Friday 25th Doors at 18:00, Show starts 18:30 with no interval

Late Show:     Friday 25th Doors at 21:00, Show starts 21:30 with no interval

Tickets are included in your full-week festival pass or available at the Green Glens Arena Box Office from 19th July.

Adults €15 | Youth €8 | Family ticket (2 + 2) €40

Legend Stage: Freddy Kenton

Legends Stage: Freddy KentonFreddy Kenton was born in a circus setting, the son of circus family and aerial acrobats "The Four Kentons". His family performed from the 1930s to the 1960s all over the world spending quite a long time in England performing at the Palladium, London.

Freddy started his career performing with his parents in 1953 at the age of 16. As an aerial acrobat in the USA with the Clyde Beatty Circus, Freddy saw and became friends with Francis Brunn and Rudy Cardenas. Freddy assisted and learned juggling with the Chiesa family.

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Legend Stage: Michael Moschen

EJC 2014 Legends Stage - Michael MoschenMacArthur laureate Michael Moschen is considered to be the supreme creative juggling virtuoso of our time, and likely of all time. His creations have been seen on stage, screen and television as well as in leading theatre and dance festivals all over the world.  Michael is perhaps best known to jugglers for his appearance in the film Labyrinth, and his "In Motion" performance. For the past eight years Michael has researched the historic commonalities of mathematics, physics and music. He is readying a series of physical skill-based activities/games to be distributed worldwide. His website states that "When not performing Mr. Moschen is creating."

Legend Stage: Jochen Schell

EJC 2014 Legends Stage - Jochen SchellJochen was initially known in the juggling world for his elegant diabolo and devil stick performance, and is regarded by many as the father of modern multiple-diabolo performance. He won a special Jury Prize at Cirque de Demain in 1990, and went on to tour with European shows such as Archaos and Circus Monti in Switzerland, as well as appearing in many top variety venues, including the Tigerpalast variete in Frankfurt, where he has just finished a 6 month run. These days he performs mainly with either spinning tops or rings. His ring act contains many unique rolling, spinning and manipulation elements which make it a rare delight to watch.

Legend Stage: Donald Grant

EJC 2014 Legends Stage - Donald GrantFrom early street performances, Donald has transformed himself via years of research, a circus schooling in Montreal, into a renowned varieté artiste, traveling the continents with his slick and classic diabolo routine. Along the way, he has found time to teach many a pupil at various circus schools and festivals across the globe. There can't be a modern diabolist who has not in some way been influenced by Donald - even if they don't know it. And while he may also know one end of a trampoline from the other end of a kendama, he's the man who literally wrote the book on diabolo… 5 times!