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The youth circus programme at the European Juggling Convention 2014 provides a space allowing the youth of the juggling community to come together within an area just for them.

We encourage networking with other youth circus followers from around Europe and the world. It is a great opportunity to meet like-minded friends from different countries and nationalities with a common interest in circus arts and culture. We provide a wade-ranging program of activities that explores some of the basic principles in circus and we also encourage skill sharing within the group through specific sessions.

There are performance opportunities available and there are also tuition opportunities from the many facilitators we have arranged, who work in circus performance and education.

Come along to our Youth Circus Areas and enjoy the great youth circus programme at EJC 2014.

Youth Circus Programme Timetable

The youth circus events run from Monday the 21st July through until Friday the 25th:

DayEvents running
Monday, 21st July Introductions, icebreaking games, team work games, circus exercises, fun/silly games, skill share, networking opportunities.
Tuesday, 22nd July Mingle times, games, circus exercises, skill development with tutors exploring circus technique and principles of manipulation, skill share, networking
Wednesday, 23rd July Mingle times, games, circus exercises, conditioning games, conditioning exercises, tumbling and acrobatics, pyramids, skill share and networking
Thursday, 24th July Mingle times, games, circus exercises, performance games, circus theatre activities, introductions to the world clowning, skill share and networking
Friday, 25th July Mingle times, games, circus exercises, performance games, incorporating circus skills and performance, working on routines, skill share and networking, compilation of performance, youth parade around the site to draw people to the performance, youth performance to audience, final wrap up motivation talks, networking encouragement