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The parade is a traditional way the convention uses to thank the locality for hosting us during the week long event. It takes a route encircling the local area and is typically greeted with great enthusiasm and joy.

We start at the entrance to the convention, at the Green Glens Arena and encircle the town in a bright and colourful parade led by stiltwalkers and featuring over 2,000 jugglers, acrobatics, spinners, clowns, musicians, unicyclists and everything else you can imagine.

Juggling Games

We make our way towards the local GAA grounds where the local community and the attendees proceed to engage in ‘The Juggling Olympics’, the circus skills games which mark one of the final events of the week long convention. The games are typically non-competitive though some do require significant skill, such as 5-ball or 7-ball endurance juggling. Others are purely for fun and merriment such as balancing a plastic bag on ones face, hula hoop racing, juggling ‘Simon says’ and a vast array of other games.

The games come to a close with the final marker of the end of any circus convention, the toss-up. The toss-up provides a final beautiful photo opportunity wherein all attendees gather together and toss their juggling props skywards to mark the end of the event.

Retro Travelling Circus Theme

This year's parade will be, if anything, bigger and brighter than other years! Both the circus folk and locals can join us for a colourful display of circus joy throughout Millstreet!

There is a special surprise in store for the little ones as well... we will give you a little present to use during the parade if you are brave enough to be part of it! (ssshhhh!) This year's topic is, unexpectedly and inexplicably... circus!! We are going a bit nostalgic with a theme of retro travelling circus. With special characters, balloon sculptures and music,  seasoned with the enthusiasm of the participants and viewers this event is always a highlight at EJCs.

Calling all costume lovers! Bring anything retro circus related, from a lion costume to old school clowns or curly moustaches! If you are not a costume person, don't worry, you can also contribute by wearing as many green clothes as possible - the objective is to not go unnoticed!

Location and times:

  • The Parade - Saturday the 26th, Gather at 1:30pm Green Glens Arena entrance
  • The Games  - Saturday the 26th, 3pm GAA pitch