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The European Juggling Convention 2014

The European Juggling Convention (EJC) is the world’s largest juggling and circus arts event. It’s held every year, in a different European country. Previous EJC’s have also been held in France, Denmark, Spain, The Netherlands, Italy, Sweden, Slovenia, Greece, Finland, Poland and the United Kingdom. The event has been running since 1978 when 11 jugglers convened in Brighton, UK. The largest ever EJC was held in Munich, Germany in 2011 and attracted a whopping 7,200 jugglers.

The annual "European Juggling Convention" or EJC is a huge festival of juggling, spinning and aerial acrobatics, hosting a wide array of activities in circus arts. It runs from the 19th to the 27th July 2014 in Millstreet, Co. Cork.  Events such as juggling and circus arts workshops, skill-sharing, shows, parades and games are happening across the week within the festival area as well as a series of public outreach events.

Saturday the 26th sees the keystone event - The Gala Show hosted on the main stage with performances from the worlds most talented and respected circus and juggling artists. Tickets are available at the Green Glen arena box office from 19th July. A full scale circus show is hosted every evening of the festival with additional performances and workshops from circus artists and jugglers of International renown throughout the week. Indeed, there are entertaining events and activities throughout the week almost all of the time. Check out our website for the full schedule as it develops.

In closing the event, scheduled for Saturday the 26th, a large parade is organised which takes a route encircling the local area. This is part of our ethos in thanking the Cork community for hosting us in Millstreet for the week and it allows a further engagement with the wider community and is typically greeted with great enthusiasm and joy. The parade will end in a local park area, outside of the ticket-controlled festival area where the local community and the attendees proceed with the ‘Juggling Olympics’, the circus skills games which mark one of the final events of the week-long festival.

The 37th annual European Juggling Convention will run from the 19th to the 27th July, 2014. It will be hosted at the Green Glens Arena in the village of Millstreet, Co. Cork.

The EJC is the largest event of its kind in the world. Ireland hosted the EJC once before in 2006 bringing over 2,200 jugglers to the village of Millstreet. The 2014 event is estimated to attract up to 3,500 international visitors to Ireland for the week-long festival and upwards of €5 million to the local economy.

The Legend Stage at European Juggling Convention 2014

This is a once off show featuring a handful of Juggling Legends who have been performing for several decades and who have made a significant impact on the world of juggling, both for jugglers and for the public. This could be either through amazing and beautiful performances, groundbreaking ideas, writing books, unbelievable tricks, and slick routines. Truly the world of Juggling would not be the same without the contribution each of these acts have made, not to mention the others we couldn't fit in the show, and those passed on. This is a once-off opportunity to see some of the Juggling Legends of our time, and as some of the Legends will be doing Masterclass workshops, you might get to learn a thing or two from them also!

Viktor Kee

Viktor, a Ukrainian born juggler, has been performing on stage since he was six years old. A graduate of the professional Circus School in Kiev, he has won awards at most of the world’s major circus festivals including Cirque de Demain in Paris and the International Circus festival in Monte Carlo.

A favourite with audiences around the world, Viktor has performed at the Moulin Rouge, Lido de Paris, the Friedrichstadtpalast in Berlin, the Mirage, and the MGM Grand with Barbra Streisand in Las Vegas, Teatro Zinzanni in Seattle, the Royal Albert Hall in London, and around the world with Cirque du Soleil’s "Dralion”, "Voyage de La Vie" Singapore and currently in Cirque du Soleil's "Amaluna".

In the development of Viktor’s career he has stood on the shoulders of his forefathers in the juggling world. He has pushed the level of artistic expression in juggling to new levels. For Viktor, the world of movement and object manipulation is not only external, but also a physical manifestation of the internal emotional world. It is an ephemeral event that begs to be experienced viscerally as much as visually.

Viktor has developed a unique, mesmerizing style of juggling. A style of performance that melds dance, acrobatics and juggling into a wondrous ballet of sensuality.

Viktor has established the Viktor Kee Foundation, a non-profit charity which raises funds through special performances and educational events. The Foundation was created through the "Help Ukraine" project, ( in which Viktor drove across the United States raising funds to support families that have been devastated by the tragedy in his homeland. The Foundation also has the goals of promoting juggling as art for children's circuses, funding education in the circus arts for needy children and supporting juggling magazine and book publications. All of the proceeds from Viktor's performance and workshop at EJC 2014 will be donated to the Foundation.

Michael Moschen

MacArthur laureate Michael Moschen is considered to be the supreme creative juggling virtuoso of our time, and likely of all time. His creations have been seen on stage, screen and television as well as in leading theatre and dance festivals all over the world.  Michael is perhaps best known to jugglers for his appearance in the film Labyrinth, and his "In Motion" performance. For the past eight years Michael has researched the historic commonalities of mathematics, physics and music. He is readying a series of physical skill-based activities/games to be distributed worldwide. His website states that "When not performing Mr. Moschen is creating."

Freddy Kenton

Freddy was born in a circus setting, the son of circus family and aerial acrobats "The Four Kentons". His family performed from the 1930s to the 1960s all over the world spending quite a long time in England performing at the Palladium, London.

Freddy started his career performing with his parents in 1953 at the age of 16. As an aerial acrobat in the USA with the Clyde Beatty Circus, Freddy saw and became friends with Francis Brunn and Rudy Cardenas. Freddy assisted and learned juggling with the Chiesa family.

From 1956, Freddy had developed his own juggling act, one of the first who juggled 5 footballs. From then he made appearances in England, at the Blackpool Tower Circus Blackpool, at the Savoy Hotel in London, and on many TV shows with Frankie Vaugn, and Morecambe and Wise.

Later, Freddy worked two years at the Moulin Rouge in Paris and one year at the Latin Quarter, Tokyo, Japan.

Now an acclaimed Gentleman Juggler, Freddy does all his famous tricks with billiard cues of Adanos, Salerno assisted by his wife Evelyne, of the Bouglione family. Evelyne worked with her sisters under the banner "The Dors Sisters" in a rolling globes act performed for many years at the Ringling Bros in the USA.

Freddy Kenton's career has spanned 50 years and he is still going strong, practicing new tricks every day.

Steve Mills

Steve needs little introduction to any juggling audience. Inventor of "Mills Mess", Steve is very excited to be coming to Millstreet in July to perform on our Legends Stage.

Born in 1957, Steve was taught to juggle by Ronald Graham, a juggler and one of the more famous names in discrete mathematics. Steve was a winner of the International Jugglers' Association Championships in 1975, 1976 and in 1978. In 1978, he married Carol Sue Haines and they began performing together. They were later accompanied by their children Michelle and Anthony as The Dazzling Mills Family. They have performed at Harlem Globetrotters basketball games and made numerous TV appearances including with The Penn and Teller Show, Daily Planet, The Statler Brothers Show, Most Daring, Smoking Gun Presents, and The Shotgun Red Variety Show.

Haggis & Charlie

2014 marks the 30th anniversary of this comedy juggling duo. From their early days on the streets of Bath, to becoming regulars at the Glastonbury festival, Winchester Hat Fair and far beyond, none who have seen them would deny them their "legendary" status.

Haggis has tutored many jugglers in person and through his videos, while Charlie has passed on his wisdom in book form, writing exhaustive tomes on both ball and club juggling, amongst others.

The act often seems to be a battle of exuberant personalities, but eventually they pull together for a rousing finale. Prepare your funny bones.

Françoise Rochais

From a baton-twirling youth, Françoise learned to juggle at the age of 8, and made her first appearance on TV at 10. Registering Guinness world records and medals at various circus competitions whilst still only in her teens, in her 20-year professional career she has been an IJA gold medal winner, registered more Circus festival awards, and appeared on TV and variety venues across the world. Whether with batons, parasols, tennis rackets, clubs or rings, Françoise's shows are an exercise in elegance, and an inspiration to any young female juggler… or male juggler, come to that!

Jochen Schell

Jochen was initially known in the juggling world for his elegant diabolo and devil stick performance, and is regarded by many as the father of modern multiple-diabolo performance. He won a special Jury Prize at Cirque de Demain in 1990, and went on to tour with European shows such as Archaos and Circus Monti in Switzerland, as well as appearing in many top variety venues, including the Tigerpalast variete in Frankfurt, where he has just finished a 6 month run. These days he performs mainly with either spinning tops or rings. His ring act contains many unique rolling, spinning and manipulation elements which make it a rare delight to watch.

Donald Grant

From early street performances, Donald has transformed himself via years of research, a circus schooling in Montreal, into a renowned varieté artiste, travelling the continents with his slick and classic diabolo routine. Along the way, he has found time to teach many a pupil at various circus schools and festivals across the globe. There can't be a modern diabolist who has not in some way been influenced by Donald - even if they don't know it. And while he may also know one end of a trampoline from the other end of a kendama, he's the man who literally wrote the book on diabolo… 5 times!

Masterclasses at European Juggling Convention 2014

We are delighted to run very special masterclass workshops taught by the world class circus talents. These masterclasses are guaranteed to be of the best standard, and are a rare opportunity to learn from the best teachers in every discipline of circus. These are top-quality workshops we have booked in advance, and in addition to the wide array of workshops and skill sharing sessions that are traditionally taught by attendees in each discipline.

Juggling Viktor Kee (USA & Ukraine)

Viktor Kee, a circus juggler, is best known for his fluid, elegant and physically integrated style of juggling. The act that he created in the mid 1990’s has remained an international success. It is still being performed on tour in Cirque du Soleil’s "Dralion". He is currently on tour with a new creation of his, "Amaluna". Viktor has received a Silver clown from Monte Carlo in 2003 as well as a gold medal in 1994 the Paris festival de Cirque du Demain.

The workshop is intended as a Masterclass for proficient jugglers who are looking to develop physical transitions between tricks, a more efficient practice structure, and a keener eye for trick analysis. The class will also explore character development and integration into juggling.

All proceeds from this Masterclass will go to the Viktor Kee foundation. The Foundation is a non-profit organization that seeks to promote juggling and juggling culture for future generations to come. Projects include: future juggling and performance workshops, as well as assistance in publishing the Platinum edition of Karl-Heinz Ziethen’s book on the "Complete History of Juggling".

Juggling - Marco Paoletti (Argentina)

Marco was born in 1980 in Argentina, he studied philosophy in the UBA and moved to Berlin to become a professional circus artist in 2004. Since then he has traveled in more than 50 countries around the world looking for new ideas, performing shows and teaching workshops of juggling and cyr wheel.

In 2009 he created his solo show 12 pieces of stuff and in 2010 he co-founded Recircle Collective to create site specific projects with local communities around the world to blend arts and people together. He has joined the company Finzi Pasca for their new creation La Verita and he is on tour since 2013.

Marco taught himself how to juggle and created his own understanding of juggling in Argentina for 4 years. Then he re-discovered juggling in Europe with teachers like Victor Kee, Sergei Ignatov, Maksim Komaro and many more. The commitment to his art makes his life a constant research in creative juggling and expression.

Diabolo - Priam Pierret (France)

Priam has practiced diabolo for 23 years, and has been a professional juggler since 2004. Practicing alone at the beginning, he created dozens of new tricks with 1 and 2 diabolos. He was one of the first diabolists to put diabolo videos online in 2002.

Since 2000, Priam has taught diabolo workshops and masterclasses all over Europe in French and English, mainly in juggling conventions and circus schools.

He created the Art Of Diabolo Society, which aims to develop the art of diabolo in all aspects. In 2003, Priam invited the best French diabolists to create The Mad French Posse and to create the Diabology DVD, knows as the Diabolo Bible nowadays. With JiBe, they introduced the siteswaps theory for 2, 3 and 4 diabolos.

Priam placed 3rd in the WJF diabolo world championships in Las Vegas in 2004. As a computer science enginner, Priam developed DSSS, the first diabolo siteswap simulator, playable online. In 2005-2006, Priam created his diabolo act "Diabolord Priam" and has performed it over Europe. In 2008, Priam created the Compagnie Nulle Part combining juggling and video in long shows  like "Zip Zap" (2008) and RéSô (2013). Between 2010 and 2013, Priam joined Nicolas Pires and Donalf The Trekky to create the new 3-DVDs collection about diabolo: The Planet Diabolo Project.

Since 2010, Priam has also been the main juggling teacher at the Bordeaux Circus School, the only professional circus school in Europe with permanent diabolo teachers (Priam and now Sylvestre DEWA alias Trash).

Poi - Ronan McLoughlin (Ireland)

Ronan McLoughlin is a world renowned fire and object manipulation artist from Ireland. Best known for his innovative style of poi spinning, Ronan has been teaching and performing all over the world for over 10 years. He has been invited to teach and perform at the biggest fire and flow festivals on the planet such as Firedrums, Kinetic Fire and Kiev Fire Festival, as well as countless juggling conventions, circus, art, and music festivals.

Taking inspiration from other juggling and object manipulation arts, as well as movement and mind/body awareness disciplines such as Tai Chi alongside illusion based dance he has developed his own unique style of movement and performance.

As Ronan began to explore these skills more deeply he became fascinated with how we learn, and how to learn more efficiently. Over the past few years he has shared the ideas, experiences and techniques on learning that he has acquired through teaching and facilitating Learning to Learn workshops and talks.

Seeing the positive effects of these arts on all ages has inspired Ronan to continue to explore these arts and to share these amazing tools, techniques and skills far and wide.

Acrobatics Masterclasses - Fidget Feet Aerial Acrobatics (Ireland)

We are delighted to announce our extensive aerials masterclasses programme from Irelands renowned aerial dance company, Fidget Feet. This series of masterclasses covers a wide array of aerial acrobatic techniques and the programme has ample opportunity for people of all skill levels to develop and learn from these world class teachers. Our teachers for the programme are Ms. Chloe de Buyl Pisco and Ms. Ria Murphy. Our teaching assistant is Suzon Gheur and our rigging specialist is Johann Hattingh.

Fidget Feet Aerial Dance Theatre is Ireland’s foremost aerial dance company. In ten years Fidget Feet has grown exponentially, performing across five continents and to audiences of over 100,000 people. In addition to creating work, Fidget Feet is a strong advocate for the development of aerial work in Ireland. The company was not only the first to teach aerial dance in Ireland, but founded the Irish Aerial Dance Fest - one of the largest aerial festivals in Europe. Run annually, the Irish Aerial Dance Fest hosts more than 100 classes over three weeks, and is attended by participants from all over the world.  Fidget Feet are artists in residence at the prestigious Irish World Academy of Music & Dance in the University of Limerick until 2017.

Felicia O'Brien (Miss Flee) (Australia)

Felicia O'Brien (Miss Flee) is a freelance acrobat/aerialist/coach based in Melbourne. From national level gymnastics Felicia has crossed over to the performing world of circus to pursue her love of acrobatics.

Felicia has trained in Australia in a range disciplines such as acrobatics, adagio, chinese pole, teeterboard, tissue and flying trapeze and also trained extensively in Montreal in solo and duo swinging trapeze.

Felicia has performed with a variety of companies and festivals, including Circus Monoxide, Boswell Wilkie Circus, Circus Oz, La Clique and La Soiree and has produced her own shows and Venues.

Felicia has a teaching career spanning 26 years, starting in gymnastics where she produced state and national champions and moved into circus where she continues to coach and mentor a diverse range of students to high standards of skills and performance.

Felicia coaches for companies such as Belfast Community Circus, Circus Oz, The Women’s Circus, The Flying Fruit Fly Circus, NICA, Resorts World Sentosa and Dragone Entertainment.

Partner Acrobatics -Led by Christian Bross (Germany)

Basics: A series of workshops throughout the week covering the basic principles of Partner Acrobatics. This series will be a good choice for beginners, who want to boost their Acrobatics skills will a full-week workshop series geared towards people without gymnastic/acrobatics experience.

Advanced: A series of workshops covering exercises and positions that are too difficult for true beginners because they require already a certain level of strength, balance, body-tension and experience. This series will be a good choice for participants who have acrobatics experience already.

Handstand: exercises and training methods to learn a proper Handstand. Daily practice with instructions for interested people to build body tension, strength and balance required for handstands.

Free training: Every night there will be “free training” with (different) instructors for interested people. There will be a “position of the day” announced during the training for people following the instructor-led session. Others can also practice their own positions in parallel.

Special Workshops: A selection of special workshops with a variety of different topics depending on the skills and proposed topics from different workshop leads. Examples: 1) “Washing Machines” (with L-Base, ending in the same position as the start with a full rotation of positions in between start and end), 2) AcroYoga exercises, usually with L-Base, 3) Hand-to-hand positions (handstand of flyer on base), 4) Pyramids with many people, 5) 3-person positions, 5) Dynamic acrobatics (transition between positions that require a momentum / movement)

Hooping and Spinning Masterclasses - Tiana Zoumer (USA)

Tiana has been hooping for 5 hoop-obsessed years.  A practice fueled by personal expression leading her to develop a unique and technical style.  Inspired by the infinite possibilities born of this developing art form she has been an innovator from the start.

It is the inspirational experience of mutually created moments that has brought her to teach from Mexico, UK, Indonesia, Europe, Canada and throughout the U.S. sharing the power of learning in play.

Tiana lives in Oakland, California.

Gail O'Brien (Ireland)

Gail is a dynamic and technical contemporary hoop dancer and a renowned hoop teacher based in the UK. Gail has taught extensively in the last 4 years at events including Sacred Circularities, HoopCamp, Spin Summit, SWHoop, HoopCamp, European Juggling Convention, Brighton Flow Fest and UK Hoop Gatherings (UK). She also performs and runs the annual Manchester Hoop Congress, now in its fourth year, which brings together the best of UK and international hoop talent to teach and perform.

Her unique and adaptable performance style with hoop, fire hoop and LED/glow hoop has seen her perform internationally at cabarets, conventions, festivals and corporate events.

Gail completed a year’s circus training at Belfast Circus School where she has created a stunning new act fusing hoop manipulation, dance, acrobatics building on skills developed during the Circus in Performance course at GreenTop Circus School.

Hoop Hooligans (New Zealand)

An extraordinarily talented duo presenting Circus, Fire and Object Manipulation, from New Zealand! Their shows reflect the brotherly bond of two circus hooligans, who keep their audiences transfixed with a spellbinding combination of spectacular tricks, and slapstick tomfoolery. The playful and creative duo quickly incorporated slapstick, physical theatre, and a wide range of props into their acts. They have a background in circus and performance arts and have undertaken multiple international tours. This year they return to Europe with more hoops than you can count!

Emma Kenna (UK)

Emma is a hugely experienced teacher and has run regular classes and workshops across Europe for the last 4 years and now teaches worldwide through her online workshops and Hoop Doctor Show.

She runs the highly acclaimed Bristol based hoop school Hooping Mad and has taught hundreds of people to hoop. She almost single-handedly built the Bristol hoopdance community to the multiple award winning state it is now (Best Hooping Community Hoopie and Revolvie 2012).

She has also personally been shortlisted for three awards in the 2014 Hoopies including Fire Hooper of the year, Female hooper of the year and Teacher of the Year. Emma runs the widely acclaimed Bristol-based hoop convention SWhoop.

Her trick filled videos, clear and comprehensive teaching style, fearless fire hooping, uke hoop and comedy thrusting have won her many loyal fans and she is looking forward to sharing at EJC this year!

Henna MataHoops (Finland)

Henna has a background in contemporary dance, ballet and theatre, but when she started hooping in 2006 it changed her life! She is an open, creative and supportive teacher and has travelled around Latvia, Germany, Sweden, England and India to share her workshops and performances.

Romain Maguaritte “Meast” (France)

From his mastery of doubles contact, single staff contact and doubles spinning, as well as a flair for acrobatics, Meast is really a joy to watch and doesn't seem to have a single weak point in his spinning. He started to play with a lot of different other tools such as contact ball, club swinging and manipulation, balls and anything that could help him getting better and better in his staff skills.

As a graphic designer, Meast pays a lot of attention to the object trajectory and the body movements involved to create the patterns. His first interest is focused on this "body/object" relation and its visual impact.

"I am a self taught juggler and have now been juggling for 10 years.  I began to juggle with staff and then progressed to contact ball and club manipulation. Before starting my juggling journey I trained in acrobatics and martial arts which is where I started to play with sticks. I like manipulation and using every king of juggling technique to manipulate an object. Contact juggling is my preference, because it’s more of an inside feeling.  I am a graphic designer which is very complementary with my juggling as I am very interested in composition, geometry, and proportions."

Iman Lizarazu (French Basque Country)

This intriguing masterclass will give participants a firm grounding in physical comedy techniques. For the working professional this is a unique opportunity to take a fresh look at old habits and hone advanced skills. The class initially addresses three areas: balance and control of the space, meeting and establishing complicity with the audience and with partners, and problem solving as a method of working on stage. After this introduction, we will explore ways of creating material and finding character. The focus is on activating the internal emotional state of the audience and helping the actor to always be interested rather than interesting.

Iman Lizarazu is an Eccentric Performer, combining a variety of clowning skills into one art form. This broad palette enables her to craft little stories, create problems within those stories, and then solve the problems in unexpected, unusual, and delightful ways. She is a clown, a juggler, a visual artist, gardener, chef, and prankster. She loves the beautiful things in life – good food, good wine, good friends, and she loves bringing laughter and joy to the lives of those around her.

Now a resident of Santa Cruz, California, Iman was born in LaBourd in the Province of Soule in the Basque Country of southwest France. Iman’s family still lives in St. Jean- Pied-de-Port in Basque Navarre. She has been performing all her life, and professionally for over 20 years. Iman’s solo show, Comedia del Arte, has been performed locally, nationally, and internationally to wide acclaim.

Iman Lizarazu Eccentric Performing Masterclass runs from 11-1pm on 21st - 23rd


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