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Priam Pierret MasterclassPriam has practiced diabolo for 23 years, and has been a professional juggler since 2004. Practicing alone at the beginning, he created dozens of new tricks with 1 and 2 diabolos. He was one of the first diabolists to put diabolo videos online in 2002.

Since 2000, Priam has taught diabolo workshops and masterclasses all over Europe in French and English, mainly in juggling conventions and circus schools.
He created the Art Of Diabolo Society, which aims to develop the art of diabolo in all aspects. In 2003, Priam invited the best French diabolists to create The Mad French Posse and to create the Diabology DVD, knows as the Diabolo Bible nowadays. With JiBe, they introduced the siteswaps theory for 2, 3 and 4 diabolos.

Priam placed 3rd in the WJF diabolo world championships in Las Vegas in 2004. As a computer science enginner, Priam developed DSSS, the first diabolo siteswap simulator, playable online. In 2005-2006, Priam created his diabolo act "Diabolord Priam" and has performed it over Europe. In 2008, Priam created the Compagnie Nulle Part combining juggling and video in long shows  like "Zip Zap" (2008) and RéSô (2013). Between 2010 and 2013, Priam joined Nicolas Pires and Donalf The Trekky to create the new 3-DVDs collection about diabolo: The Planet Diabolo Project.

Since 2010, Priam has also been the main juggling teacher at the Bordeaux Circus School, the only professional circus school in Europe with permanent diabolo teachers (Priam and now Sylvestre DEWA alias Trash).

Masterclass Synopsis

Diabolo technique has increased very fast over the last few years, the concept of rhythm and siteswap theory have been introduced, and many new trick concepts have been developed, generating hundreds of new tricks. After introducing the new concepts and terms, we will focus on the most visual trick families: 1 diabolo suicides, 2 & 3 diabolos juggling, and diabolo passing with 2 diabolists and 3 diabolos low.


  • Gain the present technical knowledge about diabolos, and practice it.
  • Understand the new theorical concepts used to describe diabolo tricks.
  • Increase the visual effect of the diabolo routines

Skill level required

The participant must be able to perform the basics moves with 1 and 2 diabolos.

Diabolo Masterclass Programme

Monday 10:00-13:00

  • 1 diabolo suicides
    • infinite variations
    • genocide variations
    • integral variations

Tuesday 10:00-13:00

  • 2 diabolos high
    • position and trajectory
    • siteswap high notation
    • basic siteswaps
    • basic tricks

Wednesday 10:00-13:00

  • Diabolo passing
    • positions and trajectories
    • siteswap passing notation
    • 3 diabolos patterns and tricks
    • 4 diabolos patterns and tricks
    • 5 diabolos pattern and tricks
    • 6, 7 and 8 diabolos patterns

Thursday 10:00-13:00

  • 3 diabolos high
    • starts
    • training for 3 high with 2 high
    • basic siteswaps
    • basic tricks

Friday 10:00-13:00

  • 3 diabolos low
    • starts
    • shuffles
    • siteswap low notation
    • basics tricks and siteswaps
    • high-low notation, transitions and tricks

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