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Emma Kenna Masterclasses at EJC 2014Emma is a hugely experienced teacher and has run regular classes and workshops across Europe for the last 4 years and now teaches worldwide through her online workshops and Hoop Doctor Show.

She runs the highly acclaimed Bristol based hoop school Hooping Mad and has taught hundreds of people to hoop. She almost single-handedly built the Bristol hoopdance community to the multiple award winning state it is now (Best Hooping Community Hoopie and Revolvie 2012).

She has also personally been shortlisted for three awards in the 2014 Hoopies including Fire Hooper of the year, Female hooper of the year and Teacher of the Year. Emma runs the widely acclaimed Bristol-based hoop convention SWhoop.

Her trick filled videos, clear and comprehensive teaching style, fearless fire hooping, uke hoop and comedy thrusting have won her many loyal fans and she is looking forward to sharing at EJC this year!


About the class

Twins! Change your Perspective

Twin hooping can be a bit daunting. When using one hoop, hoopers are willing (and able) to sometimes 'just dance' and not worry about the tricks. Add a second hoop and the ability to just play/just dance is often lost. I want to prove it doesn't have to be!

As well as learning some of my favourite twin hoop movements, we willexplore twin hooping using guided play, partner work, mismatched hoops (and more) to help you open up your creativity and fall in love/more in love with twin hooping.

You don’t need to be a twins hooper to get loads from this workshop. All tricks will be taught with one hoop first and those that want the challenge can try with two. All exercises will be accessible and useful to the whole group, This workshop has been specifically put together to cater to all levels from beginner to advanced.

Please bring a lightweight hoop or 2

Creativity and the Dark Side

Everything has been done with a circle by now, right? Not even close! Creativity is not just for 'some' people. There is no reason why YOU can’t be discovering tricks and movements and this workshop is designed to get you thinking about how you can change up your favourite moves into something new and individual. In this workshop we will expand our spatial awareness to places we don't normally hoop. We will be utilizing the unused space around the body (specifically behind) to access YOUR creativity as well as learning some awesome behind the back tricks!

Emmas workshop runs on Thursday, July 24th.

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